St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard told FOX Business on Friday that the Fed could begin tapering its bond purchases in October if economic conditions improve.

Then again, it might not.

Bullard was non-committal, saying the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) could also delay tapering again if the economic data released between now and the FOMC’s meeting next month remains mixed.

"I think we’d have to see some indication that the second half of the year was as strong as we were thinking it was going to be in June," Bullard said. "So maybe some revisions to past data, strong jobs reports, some indication of third quarter GDP was coming in, that the housing market was withstanding the higher rates. Things like that could accumulate to a decision to taper."

On Wednesday the FOMC shocked investors and most analysts by announcing it wouldn’t be tapering in September, a move the Fed itself had telegraphed for months and one expected by just about here everyone who watches the securities markets.

Instead, the Fed maintained its asset purchase program at its current $85-billion-a-month level and reiterated its vow to keep interest rates at near zero for the foreseeable future. Policy makers cited stubbornly high unemployment, rising mortgage rates and uncertain fiscal policy given the looming budget battles in Congress over funding the government for next year and increasing the U.S. debt limit for the delay.

Stock markets cheered the decision.

Bullard said anything could happen at the October meeting, but whatever does happen will depend on the data released between now and then. The only clue he gave as to what might unfold was when he said the Fed would likely make a “small adjustment to monetary policy” in response to pertinent data.

Bullard said: “I want to stress it’s a live meeting. The committee could make a decision there. I’m not saying we’re going to … and you could argue there’s not going to be all that much information coming in, and maybe the committee will stand pat again in October. But the normal process for monetary policy is you have a meeting for a reason. It’s because you assess the data that’s come in and then you make small adjustments to monetary policy in response.”

Bullard also said the Fed may have to increase the number of press conferences held by the Fed chair, probably to where one will be held after each FOMC meeting.

"I think that the Fed is eventually going to have to go to a situation where each meeting has a press conference by the chairman," he said.

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Ryan Kavanuagh’s Relativity has formed 278 Films as a service distributor of independent films through the company’s national distribution platform.

It said 278 Films is aimed at producers who are looking here for distribution services while managing their own prints-and-advertising campaign.

The movies will be released under the 278 Films label - which will be separate from Relativity’s slate.

Kyle Davies, president of worldwide distribution, said, “Relativity has built a world-class distribution platform for our movies and now, we are excited to offer it to independent films looking to bring their stories to audiences across the country.”

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Courtney Stodden made a boob of herself as she headed home with her Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lauren Harries (Picture: Splash)

Courtney Stodden left little to the imagination as she piled into a cab after a London night out with her new sidekick Lauren Harries.

The married 19 year old’s bandeau mini dress struggled to her left nipple as the Celebrity Big Brother pals posed for photographers following their wild night out at celeb hotspot Whisky Mist.

Both reality stars looked a little worse here for wear with Courtney, who appeared to have undergone a major fake tan disaster prior to their evening out, draping herself over a mystery man as she stumbled to the waiting car.

The married 19 year old gets a bit of assistance from a mystery man (Picture: Splash)

The US teen bride also flashed a nasty-looking bruise on her left thigh as she headed home.

Unusually, her 53-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison was nowhere in sight.

Courtney’s mini dress revealed a nasty bruise on her leg (Picture: FilmMagic)

Earlier this week, Lauren, 35, revealed that and Courtney had agreed to star in a new reality show together, which will be filmed in LA.

'Oh yes, we are doing a programme together for Channel 5, I don't know if anybody knows this yet,' Harries revealed post eviction.

Courtney was propped up by Lauren and her mystery man as they left Whiskey Mist (Picture:

'I have been in contact with Doug and it is all systems go. It is a reality show with me and Courtney and it is about us being together in LA.

'She is going to show me LA and her house, I'm going to stay there and it is going to be filmed,' she explained.

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The iPhone 5S and 5C have been officially announced and will be soon available on the market. And like many others, we are already looking forward to the next iPhone.

Yes! We are quite greedy. Moreover, it would be great fun to have a wish list of specifications we would like to see in the upcoming here iPhone device.

If Apple sticks to the nomenclature, the next iPhone might be called the iPhone 6. And, the first thing in our wish list for the iPhone 6 is a better Siri.

Apple’s built-in voice control feature called Siri has improved with the introduction of iPhone 5 and iOS7. Reportedly, Siri would get new features and a performance bump in the iPhone 5S.

For example, it will offer the option to choose between a male and female voice. Although this in-built voice control feature might need a couple of years to develop as a true personal assistant, we wish a better Siri in the iPhone 6.

The next thing Apple needs to offer in the iPhone 6 has to be NFC (near-field communications). Experts have already predicted that the upcoming (though we don’t know when) iPhone 6 would support NFC technology.

Many rival smartphones are already offering this feature, but Apple has still not shown any interest in including the NFC feature in its iPhones. May be Apple is thinking that NFC needs a revamp before being introduced in its smartphones.

It could be also possible that Apple may never bring NFC to its mobile devices and will continue developing its own mobile payments solution like Passbook.

For those who want to charge their smartphone using inductive wireless charging, they now need to purchase a charging case and charging mat separately. But, if you have a built-in inductive charging chip in your smartphone, you just need a mat to charge your phone’s battery.

Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has introduced a new standard for inductive charging called Qi, so that smartphone makers can include Qi chips into their devices. Smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920 are already offering wireless charging. We just wish the iPhone 6 will also get some sort of inductive-charging chip integrated into it. But the chances of implementation of such kind of a chip are just 10 percent.

As you all know, Apple is always keen to improve its iPhone camera with every iteration. The latest iPhone 5S comes with 8 megapixel camera. Improving the quality of the camera and its flash performance is the best method to attract more customers for buying the new edition of the phone. So, we are hoping for an improved camera on the iPhone 6.

We would also like to see a built-in IR in the upcoming iPhone, so that it can turn into a universal remote. But we see little chances of implementation of in-built IR in the iPhone 6. But then, who knows!

Rumors are rife that Apple has been testing larger screen sizes too. And, if it follows this habit, Apple will most likely offer the new model with a larger 4.7 or 4.8 inch screen in 2014.

It could be also possible that, in future, Apple will offer iPhones in different sizes, may be small screen for the cheaper version and a big screen size for the iPhone 6.

What’s your wish?

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Yesterday evening, the Huron River Rats hosted So. Lyon and Tecumseh for an exciting tri-meet at the Ratatorium. Huron won both contests: 150-34 over Tecumseh and 105-81 over So. Lyon. It was a banner night for sophomore Kathy Pan, who achieved state cuts in the 200 IM (2:12:30), the 100 Breast (1:09:66) and as anchor swimmer on the 4 X 100 Free relay (3:44:81), with teammates Co-Captain Rachel Mattson, Anna Riegger and Co-Captain Samadhi Kiridena. Dany Kotlyar was a close second behind Pan in the breaststroke (1:10:59), and junior Anna Li Aguirre took 4th in the 200 IM (2:26:18), while Riegger took the 500 free (5:36:14), and Kiridena, the 200 free (2:00:25), with Mary Claire Chamberlain in 2nd place (2:07:08). here Kiridena also won the 100 butterfly (1:01:12), with Kotlyar in 2nd (1:05:96). The 100 backstroke was a very strong event for the Rats, as Aguirre (1:02:91), Riegger (1:06:36), and Shely Redding (1:08:56) took 2nd, 4th and 5th respectively. In the 50 free, Mattson took 2nd 25.70) with sophomore Adela Baker finishing 4th (27.07). Mattson also shone in the 100 free, taking top honors (56:61), while sophomore Abby Dittmar (59.26) was 4th. The Rats’ depth, notable this season, was especially apparent in the 200 Free Relay. Mattson, Baker, Kiridena and Pan were 1st (1:43:33), narrowly missing the state cut for this event, and the second squad, Chamberlain, Kotlyar, Meghan Meader and Dittmar (1:51:33) finished a strong 3rd.

The diving portion of the evening was also exciting. Captain and senior Madeline Woods took the top spot for her third meet in a row with a score of 227.50. Her win was clinched with two of the highest scoring dives of the meet: a 403B, an inward 1 1/2 somersault in a pike position and a 5231D, a back 1 1/2 somersault with 1/2 twist. Both dives received a score of 20.50. Freshman Izzy Holcomb took 4th place with a score of 212.10, sophomore Georgia Plagens came in 6th with 176.25 points and senior Meghan Meader took 9th with 153.25 points.

Huron will next face Dexter at home on Tuesday, Sept. 24th at 6 p.m.

Authorities investigating a Brookhaven Town employee regarding alleged disability fraud were stunned to find 850 snakes, along with other exotic animals, in the man’s detached two-car garage Thursday, officials said.

Officials raided the home of Richard Parrinello in Shirley after a monthlong workers’ compensation probe, stemming from allegations that the town animal control officer had a second job while on disability leave, officials said.

Parrinello, 44, a full-time town employee for seven years, was cooperating with authorities and had not been arrested, town officials said. He faces possible termination from his town job, pending a hearing.

Roy Gross, chief of the Suffolk Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said he was astounded when he visited the garage on Auborn Avenue. “I personally have never seen this many reptiles in one area,” he said.

Two 6-foot-long Burmese pythons removed from the garage will be shipped to an out-of-state animal sanctuary, Gross said. Burmese pythons, which are illegal to own in New York without a permit, can grow here to 18 feet, officials said.

Authorities could not say what would happen to the other animals, most of which were legal to own but not legal to sell from a home without a permit, officials said.

Officials said Parrinello’s stock included various types of snakes, tarantulas and baby turtles. The animals had been fed and appeared to be healthy, officials said. Authorities also discovered three small frozen alligator carcasses, turtle shells, a dead bullfrog and a freezer full of dead mice, which were to be fed to the reptiles.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation issued Parrinello tickets for owning the Burmese pythons and possessing alligator parts without a permit. He is due in First District Court in Central Islip on Oct. 23 to face those charges, each of which carries a $250 fine, a DEC spokesman said.

Town officials said he faces multiple counts of violating town codes by running a reptile sales business, SnakeMan’s Exotics, at his home without a permit.

A man who answered the phone at SnakeMan’s Exotics Thursday told a reporter, “Your facts are all wrong, and I have no comment. Have a good day.” He did not identify himself before he hung up. Trucks in the home’s driveway Thursday bore vanity license plates with the words “SNAKEVAN” and “SSSSNAKE.”

Brookhaven officials said Parrinello had been on disability leave since May, because of carpal tunnel syndrome in his wrists and hands. In a video made by an undercover investigator hired by the town, Parrinello “talked about having 700 snakes and $500,000 in inventory,” said deputy town attorney David Moran, at a news conference outside the home.

Neighbors said they were shocked. “That’s terrible, man. I never even thought of him doing stuff like that,” said Ruben Alcazar, 38. “He seemed like a nice, quiet guy.”

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